Published: Thursday 22 December, 2016
It’s finally here – the day that UK Pandora collectors have been patiently waiting for. The annual Pandora free bracelet promo for the UK begins today – and, more excitingly, the choice of free bracelets on offer has been increased, too!

The promotion will run from today until the 2nd of October (Sunday). Read on for more details!

Pandora UK Free Bracelet Promo 2016

So, the rules are as follows:-

Spend £125 and receive one of the following bracelets:

Regular Silver Barrel Clasp Bracelet
Silver Heart Clasp Bracelet
Silver Charm Bangle
Silver Smooth Threadless Bracelet

Spend £145 or more and choose from any of the four bracelets above or one of the following bracelets:

Pandora Rose Barrel Clasp Bracelet
Pavé Heart Clasp Bracelet
Pavé Barrel Clasp Bracelet
So that’s quite a big choice compared to normal! What I do notice, however, is that the Essence bracelet doesn’t seem to be included this time – I guess that’s because there was a separate Essence promo for the UK earlier in the year.

The promotion will be offered online, as well as in store, and you can purchase your free Pandora bracelet online from John Greed Jewellery! However, as ever, Pandora retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their region – so for any international collectors want to take part, you will need to find a friend in the UK.

My Comment

I won’t be taking part, as my haul from the North American spend & save promo literally just turned up… and I can’t really justify any more Pandora spending right now. But I’m very excited for all the UK collectors who have been patiently waiting for their chance to get some freebies!

Here are my goodies from the NA promo (the Charming Owls and the Luminous Floral) on my bracelet. Apologies for the rubbish pic, it was taken very quickly and in much excitement last night after I opened the package. ^^

Are you taking part in this year’s bracelet promo? If so – what are you getting? :D